Name: Mariposa del Sol

Date of Birth: April 6, 2012

Size: 17.0 hands

Place of Birth: Vero Beach, Florida USA

Parents: Triunfador XXIV( Qualified) & Universitaria XIV(Qualified & JRR)

Color: Negra EEaa

Sex: Mare

Registered: Ancce

Breeding status: Revised

Description: 17 hand black PRE, with beautiful conformation, movement and unlimited future as a quality broodmare or for a riding partner.

Temperament: Sweet, smart, people lover, diva, versatile, Serene and very curious. Great mind.

Movement: Fluid movements, atheletic ability, powerful straight extension , suspension and impulsion.

Under saddle: Green broke , can walk trot and canter with ease.

Sire: Triunfador XXIV (Qualified) , DNA black with no markings, 16.3 hands with 7 gold medals in Spain, a 3 time Sicab Top 5 finalist, offspring with 53 gold medals out of Hebreo XIX (Mejorante), Macanuo III (Sicab Champion of Spain in Movement and in Book Of Merits), Hebrea XI ( Book of Merits, sister to Ermitano III), Nadador VII ( The most decorated PRE in history, in the Laureate section of the Book of Merits, 4 time Sicaba Champion of Spain (Absolute and Movement) , Macanua, is in the Laureate section Book of Merits and 2 time Sicab Champion of Spain (Absolute and Movement), Ermitania IV, is in the Laureate section of the Book of Merits and a Sicaba Gold Medalist and the mother of Ermitano III), Deseada XX is in the Book of Merits, Lebrijano III, Legendary son of Agente out of Maluso 8 crosses to Maluso

Dam: Universitaria XIV,(Qualified & JRR) DNA black with no markings and only black qualified mare to hve been Sicab finalist , out of Marquesa XXIV (Qualified) Selecto VI Sel(J.L. ESCALERA) bronze medalist at Sevilla 2004 also Top 5 and Subchampion in Functionality at Fuentes de Andalucia 2004. Faraon XXIV and Selecta are both in Book of Mertis. Grandparents. Vinatero III, Faraona VI 1975 are also in the Book of Merits. Other Grandparesn Macanua is in the Laureate section Book of Merits and 2 time Sicab Champion of Spain (Absolute and Movement), Lebrijano III YEGUADA MILITAR emblematic stud son of Agente.

Marquesa XXIV (Qualified), is a multi-gold medalist, multi SICAB finalist & honorable mention and is Qualified. She is granddaughter of Estudiante XII 1983 de Escalera.

DNA color results:

mariposa color report.pdf


mariposa bloodlines.pdf

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