After waiting for over a year,

October is finally here.

The national title he seeks,

For he is so smart he almost speaks.

An onyx stallion is he,

A national champion soon he’ll be.

A magnificent Andalusian is he,

With Spanish blood like me.

Across miles of hills we roam,

Always sure you’ll take me back home.

As I sit on your elegant back,

A gentle kindness you never lack.

So small am I,

So powerful are you.

We chase the clouds and skies of blue.

I love your coat of midnight black,

Your warm muzzle and the sweet smell you never lack.

Abundant of heart and of mane,

Win or lose I’ll love you just the same.

As I drift this night to sleep,

My thoughts you own and are now yours to keep.

Together we’ll ride as far as I can see,

My Spanish love and me.

By Maria Laura Mandina